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ok, last night was the Denver Harbor show!!! this was probably one of the greatest shows EVER!! i got to the venue early (like 4 hours) with my dad and steph. we wandered around for a little bit, and then i saw ilan! ive been looking foward to seeing that boy for about 5 years now! we chilled for like 10 minutes and i gave him the rings that i got made. he thought that they were pretty cool.

later on (like 3 hours later), we got to go inside and i bought my merch. then i saw roger and we talked for awhile. then aaron came over and we talked. it was good to see him too. then i even got to talk to danny! (ilan and aaron's other brother.....F.o.N. bassist for those who don't know). i love that boy sooo much! it was really good to see him cuz i used to talk to him alot, but then when the band broke up, we kind of lost touch. now that he is at school and stuff, maybe we will be able to talk more. that would be really awesome.

well the show was friggin great! the boys played really really well and they played the songs that i like too...that would be all 7 of them that i know! they even played Threesome...which is a Fenix TX song (will and chris' old band for those without info). that made my day....and even more, the kids who were singing along with me. that was probably the greatest part of it.

im going to the show on monday....w00t w00t!
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