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today i did a shitload of stuff. i went to my PSAT class from 9-12. after that i went to the SING backdrop wash. it was fun except for the fact that i got wet and i was really cold. it also ticked me off that alot of people weren't there and i know for a fact that there are a bunch of people in junior SING that weren't there. why sign up for something if you are going to do it half assed?

after that i went to 108st with bree. we ate like fat assholes....and we decided to go on a diet together, promptly named the FAT ASSHOLE DIET. i was supposed to go babysitting at 6:30, but the lady cancelled on me. a couple of minutes later, grambo calls me and asks me to go to the city with him.

we walked around the city for awhile. i realized that there were a bunch of things i wanted to buy, but none of them were worth the live savings pricetag. i mean there was a dickies shirt in yellow rat bastard that i wanted (it was really cool), but it wasn't worth 40 bucks. i could buy alot of other cool stuff with that kind of money. there were also some cool pants, but they were 75 bucks. thats just stupid right there. there is no way i am spending that much money on pants....unless it was birthday money.

i bought an anti-bush shirt and i got a pin as well. im not usually a political person, but this year i have really gotten into the election. for some reason, i really want to vote, and that is a good thing. i think it is because of my AP american history class. mr. mcgovern has really made the whole political debate interesting. i really think he is my best teacher this year.....besides jeff. jeff is a teacher unlike no one one can compare to him.

i come home, and my aunt ims me. she starts talking to me about how we went out to lunch the other day with my grandmother and the rest of my "immediate" family. she wanted to know why we didn't invite my cousin chris to lunch with us. she just can't understand that just because he is my grandmother's nephew, that it doesn't automatically make him immediate family. she can't understand that my grandmother has reasons for what she does. we don't usually agree with the reasons, but there are reasons nonetheless. sometimes i just want to kill suzy, but i remember that she has issues. later on in that same conversation, she tells me that she doesn't think that my grandmother considers her or my uncle family. i couldn't believe that the thought even crossed her mind. why in god's name would she EVER think that? i mean don't get me wrong, we have all hated suzy at one point or another. and don't get me wrong, she has more issues than rolling stone (if you don't get that, its 1 in the morning...and im tired....issues=magazine issues), but we still love her and consider her family. suzy just doesn't think before she does or says anything. she invited chris and his girlfriend (or whatever she is) and she didn't even ask my grandmother. she knows that my grandmother didn't want him there, but she didn't even ask. she just does what she wants because she wants everything to bring attention to herself whether it is good or bad. i really am starting to lose all the respect that i had left for her. its really upsetting that she does these thing. she drinks all the time, she says things that she shouldn't say, she does things that she shouldn't do, and overall, she just doesn't get the idea that she needs to take control of herself.

now that everything with my grandfather is over, i need to start talking to my grandmother about possibly moving into the apartment with her. it would be a good thing to do. i usually don't get along with my grandmother, but something tells me that this is a good thing for me to do. i am starting to believe that i usually don't get along with her because we don't see each other that much. i think if i started seeing more of her, i would be able to talk to her more and get to know her better. besides all of those things, i would be able to get a regular acoustic drumset, and that would really make me happy. i would be able to play, and no one would have a problem. i mean granted, i would have to buy the practice pads to put ontop, but i would still have the feel of a regular drumset, and that is all that counts to me.

hopefully with everything starting to change a little, some things for me will go smoother than usual. i can't wait to see steph because right now i really miss her. this kind of stuff is usually the kind of stuff that i would go to her to, but it just doesn't work over the phone. i really really want to see her.
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