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eddie izzard and Denver Harbor.....god is it good

Which Eddie Izzard "Dressed to Kill" line are you? by Saphyne
Eddie Izzard quote:"I grew up in Europe, where the history comes from."
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and last night i went to the DH show....only to finally arrive in time for the last song....oops! shit happens...i deal. i chilled with my dad and grambo. we saw chris and my dad and him talked for a little bit. later on we were heading back to the car and saw ilan and chris outside. we talked for a little and then i told them i would see them the next day

WRONG! i thought that we were going to chill in the city the next day, but that ended up not happening due to the fact that they had shit to do.....oh well. at least i got to see one of their shows and got to hang with them for a little bit. they will be back soon enough and maybe things will work out better then....atleast i didn't have to go to work today and i had a really nice nap.
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